my Jira CLI project on GitHub

my Jira CLI project on GitHub


Recently I had to move and clone a lot of tickets in Jira. The system we have in place can be terribly slow.

So I needed an alternative to make things faster. Because of this I created a Java based Jira CLI that can help me with that. 


First of all, I needed to be able to clone and move tickets from one project to another. Currently in Jira you have to clone the ticket (which in our case due to automation, created several other tickets in the same project) and then move it to the other project .. and of course to not forget all about those automated tasks that were also created. 

With the Jira CLI that I have created, you’ll just have to call a bash script, pass the task key of the issue you want to be cloned and the project key of the project where you want to have it moved .. and voila .. it’s cloning it directly into the new project. But not just is cloning, it will preserve all link between your JIRA tickets.



In lot of cases, I was not able to transition the ticket from one state to the other because the ticket was not assigned to me .. as this could took us even minutes .. I have created an action task for that too.



In our case we have Defects (for defects discovered by internal teams) and Customer Defects (obviously for issues raised by customer, or in production). Each defect or customer defect has to be linked by an end-to-end test case. An end-to-end test case on the other hand might have link to other end-to-ends for the purpose of re-use. So we created also an action to get recustively the end-to-end of all end-to-ends and print them together with their status. This is extremely useful to find the end-to-ends that might need some work so that QA team can take it over and have it implemented.


Similarly I created other actions too, but will continue their presentation with another occasion.


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