AllDayDevOps 2017

AllDayDevOps 2017


Hi everyone,

Today I had my talk on AllDay DevOps 2017 titeled Event Driven Microservices. You can watch it here:

(or follow this link to see it on Youtube)

I also have to highlight that it was voted as the 9th session to don’t miss by TechBeacon.

9. Do microservices with an event-driven approach

Without communication, the power of microservices falls apart, according to László-Róbert Albert, chief software architect at Jive Software. But communication can also become a bottleneck if not handled properly. One answer is REST, which only works up to a certain point. In his presentation, “Event-Driven Microservices,” Albert will show attendees an alternative way of doing microservices.

“One of the fastest things out there is Apache Kafka, so we will show you some advantages of using it as your central event bus,” Albert said.


Stay tuned 😉


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